If you ever break your hip, don’t do it before Christmas

Oh man. Whoo-boy. I have tripped over.

No I don’t mean the event that caused the actual hip break, I have a full on post about what happened there in the works but it’s a wordy boring one.

Christmas with a broken hip. Not a good idea! Whatever happened to the days when people would give you shower gels, deodorants and socks? This year it was all chocolate! No word of a lie I wouldn’t be surprised if the amount of chocolate in the house right now weighs more than me!

With Christmas comes time off work, with time off work comes too much resting. You combine that with the amount of food knocking about during Christmas time and you get a very lazy fatman with a healing hip on pause.

There’s not really much to say here – just if you’re in the same position please do keep up with your recovery! I went back in to work today and I swear I could hear my not-yet-rebuilt muscles creaking and groaning.

Christmas was good though! 😀

Just to real it up a bit the majority of the falling back was more depression related than Christmas related, honestly breaking your hip and then having surgery to fix it really sucks. It especially really sucks when you’re barely back on your feet 6 months after the fact. It’s not the end of the world and it does get better but there are those days.. those weeks.. where it just doesn’t feel worth the effort.

Featured image is by frankieleon

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