Live Coding Sessions

Here’s a new one for me. I now do live coding sessions over on Twitch.

The schedule is being worked out right now but I’m aiming to do at least 3 sessions a week. Just to be clear that although these are not tutorials it’s definitely not a bad thing if you pick anything up, it’s literally me writing code for the sheer fun of it and explaining what I’m doing (or trying to do) at the same time.

I’m streaming while learning or experimenting, you may see some absolute scorchers of messups. Feel free to jump in chat and let me know where I’m making mistakes (tactfully..) or ask if I’m trying something you’re not familiar with! Don’t be afraid to ask, there are no bad questions only unanswered questions.

Due to the educational and experimental nature of the code written in these sessions, I wouldn’t suggest you should judge my normal day to day capabilities based on what you see on stream - the goal is to try new things, stump and overcome 🙂

Live coding sessions over on Twitch

“Will these things be open source? I mean we can already see the code if you’re gonna be streaming it”

Nope, well, nope with an asterisk. If you’re able to recreate the code from the video.. I don’t really have a response to that, that’s dedication right there. Probably have been easier to just write it yourself from scratch.

Another much easier option would be to support the progress on Patreon! Basically I do this for fun rather than to have a bunch of stuff to maintain forever. I will however start open sourcing things if the Patreon is bringing in enough to cover the maintenance costs.. just sayin’

Seriously though there’s no obligation so don’t worry if you can’t or don’t want to but I just can’t be maintaining an ever expanding portfolio of software for free, it’s not feasible.

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