Learn enough Docker to be useful and other cool nerd stuff

Sup nerds? Only got a handful of links for this one because I only just had the idea to do this. Like literally, 3 days ago.

First up is probably something you already know of, but I found it useful as I needed an admin panel for a project recently. It’s built in Bootstrap 3 unfortunately but still, decent enough for a quick project to slap something together.


Over on Hacker News user lovasoa showed off their little brother’s Javascript videogame project - built in a week.

The comments dig into the code and it looks like they approve. Generally agreed the kid’s gonna go far! :)

Show HN: I taught my little brother JS, and he made this videogame in a week

Also on HN was a decent discussion after user jessmc asked if web development is still a viable career choice. Spoilers for the verdict but the general feel for it is that yes, keep on keeping on web developers! There’s a lot more worth reading in the thread though!

Ask HN: Is web development still a viable career choice?

On the blog automatedhome.party there’s a fun project if you’ve got any of the Amazon Echo buttons knocking about. Turn them into light switches with the help of Home Assistant!

Toggle Lights and Switches with an Amazon Echo Button

Home Assistant

Docker. Docker’s everywhere these days! Personaly I’ve only just started playing around with it and in all honesty? I am starting to get it. Using containers instead of full blown virtual machines is just the best. Love being able to run my sites’ entire stack in a way that’s basically as it would be in the real world. One of them uses ElasticSearch in production and that was always a pain to test if I wasn’t on my main machine simply because it wasn’t set up. Docker’s the bee’s knees for sure.

Oh, right, yeah. So here’s part one of a tutorial Learn Enough Docker to be Useful - It doesn’t even use a shipping container analogy! Noice.

Learn Enough Docker to be Useful

Last but not least in this newsletter, first of its name, is GitPitch. It’s like Apple’s Keynotes and markdown had a babby or something. Create your slideshow using Markdown. Pretty neat, especially if like me you are a huge fan of storing everything you possibly can in a git repo!


Hopefully these are as interesting to you as they were to me! Let me know if you’ve found anything cool around the internet you think I might be into!

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