What am I doing right now?

This is a now page - it tells you what I’m working on right now. Well, maybe not right now, I might be sleeping. It should be representative of what I’m currently working on though! While this post was initially created on 2018-09-05 I’m going to keep the post date up-to-date with the last time I updated this page.

Knowing me I’ll probably bodge together a Zabbix check to ping me an alert if I don’t update in longer than a month or something so it should always be accurate. [Edit: I did. That’s what reminded me to come edit this]


Would You Like to Restart has begun! Me and my mate Fox have started a new podcast and released the pilot episode - let me know what you think! The gist is that we’re taking choose-your-own adventures from varying sources and playing them while recording. It’s not really for profit or anything like that so we’re just having a big of fun doing it :)


I keep telling Fox that I’m working on a few homebrew stories for WYLTR but in reality I try that for 10 minutes then get an itch to write code. As ye do.

I’m creating an application that will let random people all around the world play WYLTR together on Twitch. That is to say, Twitch Plays Would You Like to Restart.. Odd sentence I know. Essentially it’ll be a game engine of some sort (Written in everyone’s favorite, Laravel) that lets people play by voting on the next command to play in Twitch chat. For example 10 people might type “>inventory” and it’s the highest voted command - We send the inventory command to the game which then shows us our inventory.

The actual playable stories is where the tricky stuff comes in (y’know, aside from the part where we’re creating video from nothing and putting it on the internet) - converting the stories into something a computer understands and can display.. This is gonna be fun..

Not that there’s anything there yet but this will be at twitch.tv/WouldRestart if you want to follow up or catch me spamming chat when a command doesn’t work.

If you’re interested I’m thinking of streaming this thing over on the ICNerd channel n’all. Just gotta get over the stage fright and imposter syndrome

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