What am I doing right now?

This is a now page - it tells you what I’m working on right now. Well, maybe not right now, I might be sleeping.


Have you ever been paralysed by imposter syndrome? Of course you have, my target demographic is other techie types.

So yeah I’ve been proper slacking on getting started on The Podcast Database because I’ve decided to do it live. Naturally, this means I’ve been procrastinating the heck out of it “oh I’ll stream when I’ve got the shelves up behind me”, “Oh I need a greenscreen to stream”, “best set up a bunch of scenes in OBS first..”, “..and of course have them controlled by the streamdeck”, “ooh I’m a bit tired from work today”

Dangit, me. Just hit go-live already! Chances are no bugger will be watching anyway. Get your code on, son.

Give the Twitch a follow to catch live sessions


Would You Like to Restart is going strong. We’ve hit 1100 listens after 8 episodes released. Very happy about that!


Got me one of them Goodreads accounts, if you’re into that sort of thing



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