Would You Like to Restart

A podcast where a man and his computer friend go on adventures from way back when


Add a bit of a finish to your podcast feed. As long as your feed has a title and references a valid podcast file (mp3, mp4, etc) for each episode somewhere we’ll build an itunes-compatible feed out of it. That’s the aim anyway. The first step is just putting your podcast feed on your own subdomain if you fancy it.


Pipebit. Here’s a bit of a beast of a project I’d like to make. Mainly just for the sake of making it rather than anything else, of course it’d be super useful but it’s one heck of a challenge.


DNSMan is your DNS management system. Domains all over on Cloudflare, Route 53, DigitalOcean? No worries!

Keep them there, manage them here


After a few podcast databases disappeared and after I really could have done with one I set upon the task of creating one of my own.

Yogs DB

Yogs DB is a site that lets you browse the back-archives of a YouTube network known as The Yogscast.

Chattin Bull

This one actually isn’t a programming related project, it’s a podcast!