Services and things that I use

I use the following services either for fun or profit. The links below may be referral links but I present them as unbiased as I can. If I have used an affiliate link you’ll never lose out on anything, they might chuck me a bit of cash or maybe an account credit and you may even get a bit of account credit too!

If a service sucks it straight up wont be listed here because I wouldn’t use it.

Website makin’

Laravel - Current website building love. At one point I needed to build a non-WordPress site and stumbled across Laravel. Since then I’ve used it for basically every rando project and a few commercial sites/systems. I like it I do

Hugo - A new addition. Static site generator that replaces instances where I’d have previously used WordPress. Read more on the switch here. Useful for blog-type websites and landing pages. Hosted on Netlify.

Podcast doin’

Transistor - While at this time I don’t really have anything moving in the world of podcasting, I am working on a few ideas behind the scenes. I love Transistor because for less than the price of hosting 2 podcasts in most places you can create an entire podcasting empire under the one account, even if the podcasts never get an episode. Elsewhere those dead ideas would be costing you $12 or so each every month. Honestly the real reason I like it so much was because I was working on something similar for myself and they nailed the features I was planning on building.

Server hostin’

DigitalOcean - For quick projects, testing things, recording tutorials, hosting things.

Laravel Forge - I’m no stranger to the configuration and maintenance of a webserver but in all honesty at this point I don’t want to deal with it. I use Forge to manage the website configs, HTTPS certs, security updates and all that

Content servin’

BunnyCDN - Currently giving these guys a go after KeyCDN started deleting statistic/analytic features and charging $90/mo for logs

Amazon AWS - Probably no real reason to even link these guys but just in case, Amazon’s AWS gets a shoutout. I mostly use AWS for internal domain stuff with Route53 and S3 for object storage

Cloudflare - I use Cloudflare in front of my sites so that hopefully visitors even distant from the origin servers get a zippy response. At the time of writing I don’t have any of their paid features so I’m a giant leech upon their kindness. For this reason alone they are great

Netlify - Static site hosting. A new addition that came in when I switched the sites to Hugo. It filled a need I had for auto-build, auto-deploy, hosting, content delivery I was planning on doing with Forge, DigitalOcean, and Cloudflare. One provider that replaced 3! Read more here.

Email receivin’

Fastmail - Fastmail handles the inbound for most of my domains then forwards everything to my Gmail account

Sendy - I use Sendy for email lists because it’s super flexible and self hosted. I realise they market it on sending via Amazon SES but I have it set up using SMTP settings with;

Mailgun - Easily send email outbound without setting up a mail server and dealing with blocklists and reputation scores. Also it has a sweet inbound mail function that passes a nicely-parsed JSON version of emails

Domain buyin’

Namecheap - Almost all of my domains are now at Namecheap. I used to use for domains but switched to Namecheap at some point, can’t even remember why - they probably had a promotion on or something. Both good.

Computer operatin’


Dual boot (like, fully dual. Separate physical disks and everything)

OS 1: Ubuntu (whatever the latest version is) Linux
OS 2: Windows 10
CPU: Intel i5-7400
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti


OS: Windows 10
RAM: 24G
CPU: Intel i5-4590
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Why you got 2 PCs tho

Because I keep telling myself I’m gonna stream some day. The secondary PC does things like run OBS Studio and has an Elgato HD60 Pro in it so that the main PC can do its thing without using resources for streaming or recording. That way we also get the sad trombone moments of the PC crashing and rebooting all without dropping the stream. Hooray!

For the same reason all of my audio goes through the secondary PC. It’s one heck of a convoluted setup, the physical hardware is plugged in to secondary and then uses Voicemeeter Banana to send audio streams over the network to (Mic input) and from (System/Game/Etc sound) the main PC. With this setup I can be playing a game and still use in-game chat and all that without having to do something similar in a physical audio cable setup. Noice!

If I forgot anything or you want more specific info just lemme know!

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