Podcast Chapter-o-tron

I wanted a simple way to add chapters to my podcast episodes.

Podhex - Podcasting Tools

A handful of podcasting tools

A sample of my Zapier zaps to wet your automation whistle

Something I wish I’d been able to find when I first got into Zapier: Examples, ideas, thoughts. Here’s mine.

Just give it a go

Came across a reddit topic that really puts a reason behind the “Just give it a go” attitude

Huel - First Impressions

Been jumping on another hipster bandwagon. This time, Huel!

YouTube's API is busted if you're trying to fetch latest videos

YouTube’s gone and broke their API. The order function for latest videos is being ignored.

I had me a couple of them Beyond Burgers

Meat free burger bois. Gave ‘em a fair go. Clickbait excerpt to make you click through to the review.

The Website Is Down

Stumbled into this old classic recently. If you’re in web tech and haven’t seen the series, it’s catchup time!

Documentation Driven Design

In my latest project The Podcast Database I’m going to try tackling the planning stage in a different way than I usually do

The Podcast Database

The Podcast Database is nice and simple. It’s a database.. of podcasts. Crazy!