I had me a couple of them Beyond Burgers

Meat free burger bois. Gave ‘em a fair go. Clickbait excerpt to make you click through to the review.

The Website Is Down

Stumbled into this old classic recently. If you’re in web tech and haven’t seen the series, it’s catchup time!

Documentation Driven Design

In my latest project The Podcast Database I’m going to try tackling the planning stage in a different way than I usually do

The Podcast Database

The Podcast Database is nice and simple. It’s a database.. of podcasts. Crazy!

WYLTR hits 1000 downloads!

We ran with a podcast idea and last night we hit 1000 downloads!

What are you up to with podcasting, Spotify?

I keep my ear to the ground in the world of podcasts because I’m a huge wannabe podcaster and at one point I was making a podcasting service.

Looking forward to 2019

Just gonna have a bit of a waffle about the things I want to do next year. This is mostly for me but please feel free to read along too!

Would You Like to Restart

A podcast where a man and his computer friend go on adventures from way back when

Self-driving cars should have no morals

WHAT?! You don’t want self-driving cars to have morals?? Hell no I don’t. That would be terrible.

Garbage collection for the brain

Have you ever noticed how when you’re trying to get to sleep your brain just floods with all of the problems of the day, week, month, 8 years ago?