Would You Like to Restart

A podcast where a man and his computer friend go on adventures from way back when


Add a bit of a finish to your podcast feed. As long as your feed has a title and references a valid podcast file (mp3, mp4, etc) for each episode somewhere we’ll build an itunes-compatible feed out of it. That’s the aim anyway. The first step is just putting your podcast feed on your own subdomain if you fancy it.

Self-driving cars should have no morals

WHAT?! You don’t want self-driving cars to have morals?? Hell no I don’t. That would be terrible.

Garbage collection for the brain

Have you ever noticed how when you’re trying to get to sleep your brain just floods with all of the problems of the day, week, month, 8 years ago?

Please, just take the damn day off

I know, you feel guilty. You’re feeling under the weather but are you¬†really really ill? If you’re asking that question then yes, you are.


Pipebit. Here’s a bit of a beast of a project I’d like to make. Mainly just for the sake of making it rather than anything else, of course it’d be super useful but it’s one heck of a challenge.

Moved From Wordpress to Hugo

Oh jeez, your site is so fast now. Also it’s changed in design a little. What’s up with that? Asked nobody. Here’s the answer though: I moved from WordPress to the static site generator Hugo

DigitalOcean firewalls are pretty good

Recently I decided I was going to switch to using DigitalOcean instead of Online.net, nothing bad on Online’s part, in all honesty I just wanted to play with Laravel Forge and as I was already having to reinstall a server I figured I’d switch to DigitalOcean to save a few coins.


DNSMan is your DNS management system. Domains all over on Cloudflare, Route 53, DigitalOcean? No worries!

Keep them there, manage them here

Your super secret subdomain is not a super secret

You’ve started a new project right? Figure you want to show it off to a bunch of people. Sending preview links to friends and supporters?